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Lauren Singer

Doug Lennox

A little while ago I got to check another goal off the list by photographing an Olympic swimmer. 

an outtake from my shoot with former Olympic swimmer Doug Lennox


Over Earth- play ball

Thanks for the ride

Over Earth


sharks or whales?

a preview from a new series i shot on monday: Over Earth

Monday over Kansas

from new (yet to be titled) series

Happy Valentine’s Day

red flowers, Mexico

November 9th breakfast: Garden Omelette, toast, pancakes, hash browns, and coffee at IHOP Winston-Salem, NC


The best thing about IHOP is that the omelets come with pancakes. The decision is made for you. There is no salty vs. sweet breakfast dilemma. Thank you IHOP

This is my IHOP experience. Whenever i am away in new city on assignment i do my best find an IHOP. I find my consistency where i can. 


going through some old point and shoot photos and found this one. 

#watchdog #dog

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